Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Death of a Laptop

So sorry about the lack of posting...

My laptop died and I still haven't bought a new one. I have to use the Big Man's laptop in the interim.
The screen went completely black and I've sent it to my baby brother to see if he can revive it from the dead. I sincerely hope that he can!!

Anyhow on to the fun stuff :)

I put the sea green quilt upon the rack recently and did a lazy loopy-loopy design. Then when I was pinning the binding to it I realized that I obviously was inspired by something with out realizing it...

I also did up a vintage pattern for the little man that you have to see! 
Another day though, I have not taken pictures of it yet. 

 I used this fabric as an accent that I just LOVE...I think it must be out of print now(it's from 2009?), I can not find it anywhere. Good thing I still have a yard or two!!
It's Michael Miller's Bot Camp.