Monday, May 5, 2014

Mulberry Tunic

So I bought a few pieces of the Wanderlust patterns from Willow & Co. Patterns.

My first pattern that I made up was the 

Mulberry Tunic

I loved the look of it :
 Many options (long/short sleeve, hood, inseam pockets or not, easy to color-block)
Not constrictive to wear-perfect for those hot summer days!
Big size range-from 18 mo- 12 years!

Anyhow here is my version

I decided to color/print block it. 
H picked out the comic book print at JoAnn's and I knew just what to make with it!
Also used Kona for the solid.
 (I don't remember the exact name for the yellow sorry!)

This pattern does come with a piece to put on a pocket on the left chest. 
I left it off so that it wouldn't obstruct the comic book print.

Just look at those inseam pockets!
Her instructions for this are perfect and easy to follow!

(he **might** be fishing for the skittles I put in his pocket...)

I love the little tab and green buttons.
Betcha didn't even notice all the green buttons on the front are DIFFERENT. 
Ha-Made ya look! 
I did not have enough of any one button so I just picked 5 that were the same size.

I think he's up to something with this look...

I (or course) bought a couple of other patterns from the Wanderlust line 
and will be making those up in the future so keep an eye out!

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Julia Cardigan and #SSW

So this past week was selfish sewing week over at imaginegnats
I decided to take part and do up a Julia Cardigan. 

I know by now EVERYONE and their Mother has made a Julia. 


If you haven't -- I highly recommend the pattern by Mouse House Creations,
which you can find over on her ETSY page.

Anyhow I had to dodge the rain clouds ((like ALL week))
so you will have to pardon me cutting out my no-makeup face ha! 
My hair was still only half dry too but hey, ya gotta do what ya gotta do.