Monday, October 28, 2013

KCW Days 4-7

Sewing for an hour a day really is not TOO much of a stretch. As long as you don't mind letting the laundry and dishes pile up. Not to mention the threads and scraps on the floor and everywhere else, including the shower?
The hard part is trying to blog about it at the same time! So I'm just going to share everything that I got done in the second half of the week in one post.

Project #4


Sleepy time robe

From Melly Sews (Free pattern by the way!)

Marvel character flannel from JoAnn's. It has Iron Man, Hulk, Thor and Wolverine.
 Yummy donuts:)


Project #5


Sleeping Bag

Pattern from Crazy Little Projects (Free Tutorial)


Both the inner and outer fabrics are also JoAnn's. I was lucky enough to find two coordinating fabrics in the red tag section when they were an additional 50% off! This pattern takes 3 yards of each fabric plus batting.



Project # 6


Fox Mask

Also a free printable pattern from



I'm sure your all familiar with the "What Did The Fox Say" video by now:

Well he is obsessed with it and I knew I had to hunt down a mask template for him!

Project # 7

Well he is modeling this with his fox mask but it is a basic vest made with faux fur.
I made the vest using the same sleepy time robe pattern sans sleeves and removing some of the length. The vest is actually part of his Halloween costume; he is going to be a viking with a great horned helmet.


Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Kids Clothes Week Day #3

Another day down!


kid's clothes week

For today is the infamous purple pants. I knew that I wanted to make the
Skinny Jeans by Peek-a-boo pattern shop so I went over to the JoAnn's and went to the denim aisle.
I asked the little guy what denim he wanted and he said "Purple!"
I know I should not be surprised, it is his favorite color after all.

--AND-- He can totally rock it!



Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Kids Clothes Week Day#2

kid's clothes week

Day #2


For today I decided to work on the Greenpoint Cardigan by Hey June.
Another fabulous pattern that I got from the SewFab pattern bundle that I almost did not buy. I literally waited until the last 5:30am. I'm so glad I did though because 3 of the things I'm making this week for sure came from the bundle.
Anyhow here it is!

Monday, October 21, 2013

Kids Clothes Week Day#1

So we meet again...


kid's clothes week


Day #1

First up is my version of the Bimaa sweater by LouBee Clothing
I'm sure you have seen it all over the blog-o-sphere.
In my version I have added a short sleeve and alternated the green and grey striped fabrics on the hood.
 I did a bad-ace job on the stripe matching on the inside of the sleeve but the front of the hood where you can actually SEE it I did a umm 
... less than stellar job. Hahaa
This is a great pattern and easy to put together.
I would highly recommend it although this is probably the only version I would sew for my boy.
 The cowl version is totally rockin' and I need to find a girl to sew it for! 

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Kids Clothes Week Fall 2013

kid's clothes week

It's that time of year again...


and this time I'm better prepared and


I'm being more realistic than the last go-round.


Last time I had high hopes and thought I could get ALOT more done than was actually possible working my day job and being a mom AND getting a lot of sewing in as well.
This time I have hopes of making just 4 things; and I've already prewashed my fabrics and I've already measured the monster and traced my patterns onto exam table paper (like at the Dr's office).
My plans are to make the:
Can ya guess I totally caved and bought the SewFab pattern bundle??
Also FYI- the Melly Sews Sleepy robe is a free download!

Friday, October 18, 2013

The Dinosaur Vest

 When your little man asks you to make something specific...
you do it. 

 (He probably won't be asking me forever)


Pattern Description: Children's and Boys' shirt, vest and pants. Shirt has long sleeves, side vents and patch pocket; vest has front zipper closure, patch pockets; pants have elastic waist casing, side seam pockets, cargo pockets and optional elastic at ankle.

Pattern Sizing:Children's sizes XS (3-4) S (5-6) and Boys M (7-8) L (10-12) XL (14-16)

Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it?It looks exactly like the pattern envelope with the exception of my zipper.

Were the instructions easy to follow? Incredibly so.

What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern?
This pattern was very fast to start to finish which I liked. There really was nothing that I disliked.

Fabric Used:I used some remnant bin fleece from Joann's. The little man picked it out and asked me to make him something with it. I was happy to oblige of course. The little man is very opinionated and even picked out his zipper.

Pattern alterations or any design changes you made: I omitted the front facing and did an exposed zipper.

Would you sew it again? Would you recommend it to others?This is so very easy to sew and was very fast. It just takes an afternoon even with the little ones buggin' ya every thirty seconds. I already have plans for a sweatshirt one. 

The little guy loves it! As soon as he put it on he picked up his arms and said 


Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Simplicity 1923 Review

Pattern Description: This is a toddler's shirt with a stand collar, button front, and cuffed sleeves with a button tab. As well as a 3 button vest

Pattern Sizing:
Size 1/2, 1, 2, 3, 4

Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it?
Yes. It was fabulous:)

Were the instructions easy to follow?
 Very. The only hesitation was on the step where you sew up the sides of the vest and lining together.

What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern?
I loved the the cuffed sleeve and collar with the vest. It is dressy casual. I did not like the finishing on the sleeve though; if you unroll it there is not a actual cuff there. Just a regular hem.

Fabric Used:
 Cotton on vest (inside and out, I made it reversible) as well as a thrifted heavy weight cotton IKEA sheet for the white shirt.

Pattern alterations or any design changes you made:
Adjusted the pattern slightly to for the collar. I thought it was a little too large and stood up to high so I trimmed it down some.

Would you sew it again? Would you recommend it to others?
Yes I would if the occasion arose. My little man is wearing a 4 now so probably not for him but he has a cousin who is just a couple months old right now and could wear in the future.

I made this outfit for my little man to wear to my brother's wedding last month. It is a casual outdoor wedding and this was perfect for the weather and feel of the wedding.

Here are some shots of my little guy wearing it-

Friday, October 4, 2013

Insa Skirt and a GIVEAWAY!!

Insa Skirt Review 


From the book
"Sew Clothes Kids Love"
By Sabine Pollehn and Nancy Langdon


This skirt I sewed up for my niece for her birthday. She is technically off the size chart for this book. However, with the elasticized waist and fuller skirt, it did not matter and made it a perfect fit for this fall birthday girl.  

Pattern Description: Four gore double layered skirt. Yoke with Elasticized waist.

Pattern Sizing: 86/92 - 134-140. Like I said above though, I sized it up for her.

Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it? Yes. There are so many variations and zing you can add on that no two skirts will look exactly alike though.

Were the instructions easy to follow? Yes. There was nothing that slowed me down.

What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern? I really like that you can mix and match different fabrics and make it as over the top or subdued as you want. She is a little bit older and I thought would want a solid top and fun pop underskirt.

Fabric Used: The overskirt is a dark brown 21 wale cord and a green 21 wale with sparkles. The underskirt is randoms; 2 prints from Joann's and 2 from Hobby Lobby. As well as a burnt orange rick rack trim on the underskirt.

Pattern alterations or any design changes you made: I did not make changes really. I chose to add the vertical elastic gathering to the over skirt though.

Would you sew it again? Would you recommend it to others? Yes I would sew it again and I probably will for Christmas for my two new younger nieces. 

So I promised a giveaway for this book and here it is:





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