Monday, October 28, 2013

KCW Days 4-7

Sewing for an hour a day really is not TOO much of a stretch. As long as you don't mind letting the laundry and dishes pile up. Not to mention the threads and scraps on the floor and everywhere else, including the shower?
The hard part is trying to blog about it at the same time! So I'm just going to share everything that I got done in the second half of the week in one post.

Project #4


Sleepy time robe

From Melly Sews (Free pattern by the way!)

Marvel character flannel from JoAnn's. It has Iron Man, Hulk, Thor and Wolverine.
 Yummy donuts:)


Project #5


Sleeping Bag

Pattern from Crazy Little Projects (Free Tutorial)


Both the inner and outer fabrics are also JoAnn's. I was lucky enough to find two coordinating fabrics in the red tag section when they were an additional 50% off! This pattern takes 3 yards of each fabric plus batting.



Project # 6


Fox Mask

Also a free printable pattern from



I'm sure your all familiar with the "What Did The Fox Say" video by now:

Well he is obsessed with it and I knew I had to hunt down a mask template for him!

Project # 7

Well he is modeling this with his fox mask but it is a basic vest made with faux fur.
I made the vest using the same sleepy time robe pattern sans sleeves and removing some of the length. The vest is actually part of his Halloween costume; he is going to be a viking with a great horned helmet.



  1. Cute Cute!! Love the foxy mask, and looks like it was fun modeling the Robe. 1 hour a day, doesn't seem like much but can we have 25 hours then? My house probably looks like your house, threads, dust, oops but it's Sewing time! Thanks :-)

  2. Aww love them! I envy people that can sew. I just didn't have the patience when my grandmother tried to teach me. I can do the basics .. a hem, sew on a button but to make something like a fox mask would be cool!! Cleaning is becoming overrated right??

    Lanaya | xoxo