Sunday, July 20, 2014

The Janey Jump Around Dress

The Janey Jump Around

A couple of months ago I sewed up the Janey Jump Around dress by Peek A Boo Pattern shop but just got around to getting pictures done.

It is a FREE pattern so go to the peek-a-boo pattern shop and download it today!
It is so nice when the pattern designers offer a pattern for free. I know how much goes into designing and testing each pattern. I believe that the drafting takes a long time too even though I never have done it myself. 

I made this for my Niece using some red tag knit from JoAnn's and the solid came from there too.
The cute little blue buttons came from my stash.
 I just can't help myself; anytime there is a cute girl's print in knit the red tag section I have to buy a few yards. 

Ok, well ... 

truth time here...

If there is ever ANY cute knit print in red tag I buy it. I have a ridiculous stash of knits 
and I just can't help myself. 

Ready for another truth?
There's 5 more lengths of different knits that are not pictured here...
and that does not include performance or swim knits.

Anyhow, lets ahem, move on and keep this our ((little)) secret and get back 
to the Janey jump around.

I opted to do this Janey Jump around in a size 10.

I did contrasting short sleeve band and lengthened them a little so it would be appropriate for the fall with legging and boots too.

Who's with me on getting some sewing done for
back to school??

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