Monday, August 27, 2012

Birthday gifts!

So you probably remember my post on the quilted coasters here as a birthday gift for my little brother. I added these to his gift and to my surprise he actually liked them the best!

I made these cuties with some vintage napkins I got at a church sale. The same sale that I got the awesome teacup...which I still haven't decided what to do with!

Anywho I figured I could share this little project with you today.

1) Acquire some vintage napkins...or just buy new if you can not find any.

2) Pick some fabric that you like and cut into strips 3-4 inches wide and as long as the napkin + 1/2 inch or so for folding over.

3) Fold your napkin into fourths and center your names in one of the panels. I used the far left fourth but if I did it again I would use the second from the left. I used this 1" stencil for the names but you may need to use smaller stencil or freehand. Luckily for me they have short names! I got my stencils at Office Max for less than $5 and they were with the protractors and whatnot. They were hard to find surprisingly.

It is hard to see, I know. I used a disappearing/washable blue marking pen by Clover to mark my letters. 

Step 4) Put the strip of fabric in the embroidery hoop and stitch it up. I chose to use black embroidery floss and used two strands at a time. I wanted it to have a timeless look not kitschy. 

Step 5) Then I just serged the edges, washed, ironed and folded the edges over and attached to the napkins. 
I love the way they turned out and I'm glad he did too! 


 Ignore the little man's hand! He loves to "help" and be right in the middle of everything...and I don't mind. I hope he grows up liking to do things with his hands as well.

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