Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Washing, Ironing and Pattern Tracing

So I'm still in full Kids Clothes Week prep work stages

I prefer to spend that hour (or more) a day ACTUALLY sewing.
kid's clothes week  
So I got washed like 20 yard of fabric and got it all ironed.
((Blech! Who else hates ironing as much as I do??))
Then I got all my patterns traced off the paper hard copies and put them with the fabrics.
Which looks a little like this laid out all across the china cabinet:
Obviously some things are coming in multiples.
The Lazy Days pajamas are going to be 4 sets,
2 of the Nowhere man pants
and 2 skinny jeans.
The rest are just one of each.

I now just have to cut out the individual pattern pieces.
If I get everything prepped I should be able to get a lot of actual sewing done that week.

A reminder to anyone doing the KCW-
Don't forget your notions!
If you prep early you know in advance if you need more elastic, buttons or snaps
 and can have those supplies on hand.

Wouldn't want that precious hour being wasted by a trip to the store.

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