Sunday, March 9, 2014


So I finally got the new camera a B-E-A-utiful Cannon Rebel T3.
I only read o--about 1/2 the Cannon for dummies book

 (and twice I fell asleep reading it) 

before starting to snap some pictures.

Here is the first pictures of something that I did for the KCW.

A shot of the back. This is a weird knit fabric that I got on Etsy.
 It felt nothing like I thought it would be when I 
ordered it but it works well here. 

( I purposely had the hood alternate stripes HaHa) 

I just love this picture of him!

Here is a shot of the reverse. This is a readily available purple knit from JoAnn's. As I've said before purple is this little man's favorite color!

One garment I just have to get the others photographed!
If we're lucky it might just be before the next KCW starts!!

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