Saturday, November 10, 2012

Pinspiration #1

Pinspiration Post #1

I'm sure that we have all seen something that we just loved on pinterest that we wanted to replicate.

I saw this one recently and I just knew that my little guy would love one. Seeing as how you can not buy just one glove my nephew will be getting one for Christmas as well!!

After A LOT of searching the internet I have discovered that the original maker is ( at least I believe it is) Miyako Kanamori. She is a crafter who lives in Tokyo and she is also the author of Happy Gloves. If you check out her website gallery there is an ADORABLE panda that I am sort of in love with.

Any how I replicated this pattern using the pictures above and nothing else. What I found is this:


There is very little "waste" after you cut our your pattern, 
which I really like.

Throw a scrap of fabric under the glove when stitching up and trim up after your done. 
Well unless you like hand sewing the whole shebang.

Stuffies are a little bit creepy when they are headless.

I sewed up the back of the heads a little different. Rather than pulling it down as shown in the original I pulled it up to the ears. Right or wrong it was easier for me to do it this way, it just didn't look right to me the other way when I did it.

I also opted to use buttons rather than sewing eyes and nose. I chose green eyes for my nephew and blue for my little man.

I also omitted the pipe cleaners inside the legs and tail. I didn't have any and I don't think it is a necessary part of construction.

Well it was suppose to be a Christmas present but he has already seen it and has claimed him as his "Quirl". He had to have it at nap time this afternoon (don't you just love nap time?) and tonight at bed time.

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  1. Super clever and very cute!

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  2. Awww, the little quirl is so cute. Kudos to you for completing a Pinterest project!

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