Saturday, November 3, 2012

UFO's and WIP's

We all have them...right?

I technically do not have WIP's (work in progress), I have things that I started that I haven't touched in over a year. Well except to move it out of the way.

So UFO's they are. UFO's are UnFinished Objects in the crafty world if you did not know. Not Unidentified Flying Objects (haha) although I'm sure we've thought about throwing them out the window. 

This is one of my UFO's I intend on working on this week.

I literally started it last September. 

It is a 1600 quilt on the front with a border and a pieced back. It literally just needs quilted and binding thrown on it. . . but I just can not seem to get motivated to get 'er done. 

What are your WIP/UFO's?

I have a few others...but we won't talk about them.

at least not until this one is done.

If you have not heard of the 1600 quilt here is a link to the YouTube video that got me started!

Yes there are video's out there now that are not as wobbly but this is the one I saw first. I opted not to miter the corners obviously. I don't personally like the mitered strips but that is me! 

This was originally to be a Christmas present last year lol guess someone is getting it this year---ASSUMING I FINISH THE DARN THING!