Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Lookie what I got!

I am in love:)

I got it for myself at JoAnn's AND it was on sale for $89.00. I also am a VIP member and got an additional 10% off. It is not ALL of their colors but I should never have a project stalled because I don't have the right color again. I have a few Gutermann's that do not fit because I bought bigger spools or the color was one that wasn't included in the cabinet. The box can hold 3 spool's of each color so I just put them behind the closest color.


  1. Newest follower although jealousy over this almost made me reconsider :P Lucky thing!

    1. Ha Ha I just bit the bullet and bought it. I've wanted it forever. Anytime the thread at Joann's is on sale and it includes the "multipacks" it is included :)