Sunday, December 16, 2012

Paint Laced Bag Tutorial

A quick tutorial


Elmer's Craft Bond (or similar)
Tulip Fabric Paint
Tote Bag Blanks (I got mine at JoAnns)

Not pictured:

Paper doilies-10"
Sponge dauber thingie

COVER your work surface with newspaper or paper bags! This stuff is SUPER sticky and will stick to your table for a VERY long time.

Take one paper doily and spray the back with craft bond. Do yourself a favor here; it is not more-the-better. Use just enough to make it stick. The first one I did I used way tooooo much and the doily ripped when I was taking it off and I had to remove bits of paper with a pin.


Place the doily sticky side down firmly

Starting from the edge of the doily start applying the fabric paint with the foam dauber thingy. 

Then fill in the rest and while paint is still wet gently remove the doily.


I am going to go back and put a letter in the corner of the bag to personalize the gift but it really isn't necessary. I also had a thought; what if you did a second layer of lace but in another color like a grey closer to the corner?
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  2. Such a cute idea, I need to try it!

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