Thursday, March 28, 2013

Another finish


I'm so sorry but we can not be friends anymore.


I was recently asked to make a couple of costumes. I've already shared one and I thought I would share the other. The second costume is actually a underskirt to a costume dress she already owns.

They requested a chiffon or similar skirt to wear under this that would not look like a second piece. After some thought I decided to use a jersey knit and elastic waist to attach the chiffon to. I figured that way it will be stretchy at the hip/waist for movement. 

Then after some tricky pinning and trimming I hemmed the two layer of chiffon as one. This was to be used as a dance costume as well so it also had to have a slit because I was told she starts the dance on the floor.
I chose to make the slit on the same side as the one shoulder, seemed more balanced to me.

The reason chiffon and I can not be friends..she is a shady one. After all my careful laying out and trimming and hemming. Looked perfect day one. After hanging a day the chiffon relaxed and because I hemmed the two layers as one, one layer was longer than the other creating a bubble skirt look. Not cool Chiffon, not cool. Had to CAREFULLY unpick the offending hem and re-do it in one section.

This is the final result on the little star:

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