Monday, April 1, 2013

Three Rivers Quilters Show

The weekend before Easter at the last possible second I heard about the Three Rivers Quilters Show .
I made the instant decision that the next morning I was going to pack myself in the car and drive there. Nevermind the fact that I get lost in Pittsburgh pretty easy and that I wrote down very sparse directions on the back of an envelope...I got only a little lost. 

I thought I would share my favorites:

Goose Feathers--Barbara Cornell

Wedgewood Wonder

Ambridge Quilt Rappers

 This one almost looked to have extra batting under the block centers. 
Very cool.

Ew! There's a bug on my quilt--Carol Hartman

I love all the little bugs quilted on there, it was a metallic-y thread too.

 There are other quilts that I really liked but I am kicking myself now for not writing down the names or taking a picture of the tag. I apoligize in advance if these are your quilts-PLEASE message me so I can give you credit for your awesome work:)

I really liked this one. Blue is my favorite color and I really liked all the white space too.
This one might be Fran Dreams in Black & White & Color All Over by Kathleen Kucerovy.

This was my almost 3 yr old, Hunter's favorite. I let him take his own picture (if you can't already tell). It was taken from his stroller.

Although one of my FAVORITE small fabric stores was there it was kind of light on vendors. I really was looking for "more" fabric. Special or popular designer type stuff like Moda/Riley Blake type stuff.

The one vendor I did buy from was LOOM exquisite textiles. They are my favorite when I can get down to the strip district in Pittsburgh. They have website  HERE but really the best way to shop them is to actually GO, it is such a cool little place to see!

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