Thursday, April 4, 2013

Making PJ's from a Tee Shirt

So sometime last year we took the little man to a Pittsburgh Pirates game and it was a free t shirt game. Knowing that an Adult size Small would still be ginormous on the little guy I tossed it it my sewing room for refashioning at a later date...

Fast forward---> It is opening day of the 2013 Pirates Season this week, Hanrahan was traded long ago and Hunter could use some summer pj's soon.

Guess it is time to get to work huh?
Only cutting the front portion of the tee shirt cut out a tank style. You can free style like me or trace a tshirt that already fits your little one.
I originally drew a larger pattern but ended up cutting it smaller as shown in the black lines.
Then do a neat-o repeat-o and do the back portion cutting the neck a little higher than the front neckline.
Cut out a "U" shape in the crotch area, no need to make one smaller than the other like I did. I cut that portion out later too haha. Serge or stitch up the side seams and the shoulder with the right sides facing eachother.
Re-using the original t shirt sleeve cut off about 1/2" or so away from it. With the right sides together pin the tshirt hem to the pj sleeve opening. Sew along the closest to the raw edge original stitch line on the sleeve. Turn and topstitch.
Pick out the original neck line from the tshirt. and repeat for the neckline the same as you did for the sleeve. Cut an 1 1/2" strip of the tshirt and do a quickie hem on it. Apply to the crotch area, folding in half and topstitching. I did this in a similar method to applying bias tape if that helps. Seems I get too excited to finish at the end to take pictures. Then I applied regular snaps using my Dritz snap pliers.
I keep meaning to buy some of the Babyville ones to try them out but just haven't gotten around to it yet. I'm sure they would work just as well though.
Last step: Throw them on the little one and watch the hilarity ensue.
Apparently he felt like dancing!

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