Sunday, October 12, 2014

New and Improved Boot Cover Tutorial

As promised I am back today
 to show you the new boot covers!

Supplies needed: 
Faux leather, eyelet grommets,
 eyelet tool and small hammer, leather lacing.

To make these boot covers for yourself you will need to take a few measurements.

You will need your measurements WEARING  the shoes you intend to cover.

You will need the height, from ankle to just below the knee.

The circumference of the leg just below the knee as well as at the ankle over the shoe.

Add 1 inch to all measurements and then cut in half the
 knee and ankle measurements so that you can cut the cover out on the fold.

Then you must decide how long you want the cuff to come down.
Add your inch to that measurement as well. 

The top of the cuff pattern piece should be identical to the top/knee
measurement. For the bottom of the cuff add an inch or two depending 
on how dramatic you want it to be.

Your two pattern pieces should look similar to the image at the right.

Cut your faux leather cutting the fabric on the fold. I have used some clearanced black upholstery fabric with a soft white backing.

Make small notches a couple of inches up from the bottom.
Fold over the raw edge above the notch and stitch.
Then hem the shortest and the longest side of the cuff.

 Then you must stitch the cuff onto the top of the boot cover. 
Next with right sides together, stitch un-hemmed ankle tabs.

For the next steps you will need 

Follow the instructions on the eyelet tool and put the eyelets on the back 
of the covers taking care to evenly space them. 
Use the leather cord and lace up the back of the boot. 

Voila! You are done!

Is this not exactly what you had in mind?

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