Sunday, October 28, 2012

15 Minute Boot Covers

Today I am going to share with you my son's boot covers for his halloween costume.
No Lie, they took 15 minutes!

I was literally laughing out loud when taking theses pictures. This is the first time I had let him touch his sword and he was TOTALLY in to it.

Any how on to the tutorial!

I measured my little guys leg from his ankle to his knee and it was 9". I took that measurement and then did the ankle part 9" across and the top (knee) 12" across. I used the left over felt from his musketeer hat.


                                                                         Your felt peices should look *something* like this. I have a tall 2 yr old that is pretty thin and these measurements fit him. His upper calf is 9" if that helps you upsize/downsize your pattern.

Next you just stitch up the back right sides together (or the sides you drew on to the outside). I used 1/4" hem allowance because I wanted to be sure that his clothed leg would fit inside.

Next to make the floppy top to the boot...err boot cuff I mean.

I made a trapezoid that is 12" on one side and just 14" on the top. It is 3" tall. It should look like this:

Lucky for me I had *just* enough of the trim left from his tabard to use on these.

To attach the trim I use the zigzag setting (Stitch #4 on Brother CE-4000) on my sewing machine set like this :


I think that the trim just adds a little something. It's all in the small details:)

Now, to attach the cuff to the boot shaft. You need to turn the boot shaft right side out and put the cuff inside the boot with the right (trimmed) side of the cuff facing the wrong side of the boot. That way when you flip it out you have no seams showing.

Flip that cuff out, finger press the seam (beacause with felt you can do that and it stays).

That is it!

Unless of course you feel the need to put some elastic from the bottom edge of the boot cover to run under the shoe. I didn't, he was running around in them and they were not riding up. Plus I feel like, what if he's walking and it gets caught on something in the *dark* Halloween night?

Maybe I should discuss proper handling of swords-even if it is fake!

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