Sunday, October 21, 2012

I'm not done!!

So I've been busting my butt today working on my Halloween costume.

It's not done.

I'm doing Simplicity 1773 .

I am working on the short version. I did the under dress is in the same blue as little man's tabard.
That part is 99% done' only needs a zipper, I only have 9 million zippers but not in the right color/length combo. The over dress is only about 30% done. That part has been a little finicky. It looks easy enough but it is time consuming. The over dress is only 10 actual pattern pieces for that but all were cut 2-12 times between the fabric, lining and interfacing. Did I ever tell you I HATE ironing? Ironing all the dang interfacing in was torturous for me. LOL

I know it will be awesome but there is only so many more sewing hours left for me before Halloween. 

...and little man's boot covers still need made!! Hahaa


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