Thursday, October 18, 2012

Making a musketeer hat

So as you may know my little guy is being a musketeer / puss in boots.

What you might not know is that it is rediculously hard to find a CHILD'S size musketeer hat. Pirate hats galore but nothing "just right." Having taken all that time making his costume doublet and tabard there was NO WAY he could not have the "right" hat.

So I made one of course and I wanted to share with you how you can make your own as well.

One childs pirate hat
One small length of trim or ribbon
One yard of black felt
One piece of a heavy weight interfacing, fusible or not is fine
Elmer's Craft Bond (if interfacing is not fusible)
One large feather

And the basics-pinking scissors, thread and needle, hot glue gun

First take a standard child's pirate hat and cut off the brim. I used my pinking scissors for this.

Trace your hat base and then make a new line a little bit inside that one; about 1/2" smaller.

Trace your felt and interfacing larger than your pattern base. Excuse my pizza pan but it's the only thing I had handy. You can cut your interfacing just a smidge smaller than the felt or if you have any interfacing showing you can just use a sharpie to clean it up after the next steps. LOL

Sandwich your felt and interfacing. Give it a GOOD healthy spray of craft bond between the three layers.
Let dry completely.

Figure out where you want the hat's fold to be, mark it and go just a little to the center of that, place the template there and cut it out.

Slide the brim over the base of the hat and glue in place. 

Did I ever tell you how much I love a hot glue gun?

Stitch on your trim.

Although, I suppose you could hot glue it too! Haahaa

Ribbon could be used too but I thought it made the hat look a little too girly....
and his costume already has lace so I did not want to push it.

Hot glue the feather to the trim and then glue the brim up.
Now you have an official musketeer hat.

Now all that is left is the boot/shoe covers then I will FINALLY be done with little man's costume :)

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