Monday, October 29, 2012

The Final Reveal


Little guy is being a musketeer for Halloween but he normally will tell you he is being Puss is Boots. (Except of course today, when he decides he is being a fire fighter.)
I have posted all my parts of his costume but here are the pictures again.
The pattern I used is McCall's 5214 and I cut a size 3 for him.

Okay, Okay, Okay! Enough stalling HERE it is ALL together!



  1. The costume turned out so well and he looks so cute in it. You did a fantastic job.

    Thanks for linking to to Raising Imperfection!

  2. You could totally do Hollywood movie props! Wow..that costume is amazing!
    Thank you for linking up to Raising Imperfection :)


    PS ~ Not on blogger so I probably show up as a no reply. Sorry :(

  3. Thank you SO Much guys:)

    Luckily they have changed out Trick or Treat to Saturday so he will actually be able to wear it. Sandy almost ruined my plans; he would have had no choice but to be a fireman because his rain jacket and rain boots are fireman themed!