Sunday, September 23, 2012

Estate Sales

Have you ever been to an estate sale before??

Yesterday was my FIRST time ever going and I went to 6 that I found on good 'ol Craigslist.

Truthfully there is two more I'd like to go to today too but I won't.

I had a self imposed $20 limit. The places that were duds for treasures were rich in character. The architecture was amazing. Some of these old houses in Pittsburgh are full off all these special little floor plans that I never would have thought of. Houses built today are pretty straightforward; you can almost figure out the layout without ever stepping indoors. One house had a wrought iron gated yard, gorgeous greenhouse, HUGE perennial garden, a sitting room with an entire wall that was floor to ceiling wooden bi-fold doors to the outdoors. It had an oval master bedroom with beautiful fireplace and ceiling medallion like nothing I've ever seen. Check it out here on Zillow. They (zillow) did not even get a great picture of the gardens. There was nothing there for me to buy, unless I wanted some crazy expensive antique furniture but it was definitely worth the stop!

What did I buy you ask?? 
Just remember you asked for it-and remember I did not spend more than 20 bucks for EVERYTHING!

Vintage wooden rolling pin and cornbread cast iron pan.

Cast iron meat grinder-my momma will be so proud lol
Really I'm a vegetarian but it will make an awesome 
Christmas gift!!

How sweet is this little linen set?

I actually bought two baskets of random sewing supplies from two different sales. I honestly did not really look through them until I got home.

Lots of old needles, marking pencils, zippers, point turners, hem rulers and various doo-dads.

Look at the awesome Holly Hobbie wall plaque. I had a little Holly Hobbie sheet set when I was little! Swoon:)

Sewing Susan needle set; pretty awesome considering that is my name!

My only regret...not buying any vintage sheets.

 I did buy glass sun tea pitcher and a Tupperware Stack Cooker that I did not photograph. Have ya'll ever used a Stack Cooker? They are awesome! I got the complete set sans cookbook for $1.50 and I already found most of the recipes online for free:)

Not a bad haul for only $20, huh?

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