Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Words of Wisdom

Never sew when tired. NOTHING will turn out. 

After sewing a ton over the weekend, like I am sure many of you have done, I am tired.

Only problem....

That one last thing I wanted to get done before tomorrow morning was a new singlet for my son's gymnastics class that restarts tomorrow evening. I seriously must have re-threaded the dang serger fifteen times four times. Maybe it just felt like fifteen but hey who's counting? So then I said "Screw it!" and just jumped on the machine. Yeah, I'll show you Serger. I can zig zag and straight stitch on old faithful another machine that failed me tonight. 

I give up.

I'll just try to do it again after work tomorrow; that is if I have time after work but before gymnastics.
Pesky job get's in the way of my sewing.

For those that want to know what sewing I did-
1) 2 burp cloth sets for babyshowers up coming-one more set is cut but not stitched yet. I think everyone and their mother has made these. If you haven't and you want a tut-just leave me a comment and I'll do one!

2) Cami/tap pant combo- here and here . Hope you can read foreign languages! I can't but I figured out the diagrams pretty well.

3) Drafted a pattern for a dress someone wants me to make.

4) Were those PJ's for the little man over the long weekend? I think so for some reason...yup just checked-those were posted on Sunday.

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