Sunday, September 16, 2012

Hemming Jeans

So my niece's birthday is coming up and I always like to her something every pre-teen wants--


Only one small problem-her pants NEVER fit her right. She needs one size for her waist which leaves her pants miles a little too long. 

Now there are a million and one tutorials on hemming jeans using the original hemline which is what I'm doing here today with one small change. So from start to finish here we go!

Step One :

 Determine how much shorter the pants need to be-I'm taking them up 5" so if you take that length in half I need to fold up 2.5" and pin them all the way around. Careful to keep just the two layers pinned together not all the layers or else there is no place for the foot to come out! haha

Step Two:

Pick your thread, I chose a navy colored Gutermann thread. Since we are keeping the original hem intact you want the thread to blend in to the original jean. Then you need to stitch along the original hem line on the wrong side of the jean.

Step Three:

Now you could stop here and just cut off the excess fabric. 

Not me though, remember I'm doing these for a growing child! So keep following along if you want to keep that fabric!
Iron the new hem line as is to get a nice crisp line.

Then flip the jeans inside out and iron again.

Here comes my twist. I don't want the extra fabric to accidentally flip out and cause my niece any embarrassment.

Reality is - Kids are mean. They will pick on a kid for anything and I don't want my hemming to be a reason!

Plus now the hem can be dropped when she has a growth spurt as these are those adjustable waist jeans:)

 Step Four:

 Measure out some stitch witchery with a little extra to overlap. 

Place under the extra fabric all the way around the hem line being careful not to twist it up.

Over lap the ends and iron it well to fuse the layers.
There are ways to remove stitch witchery at a later date; but that's another tutorial and we'll cross that bridge when we get there!


And we are done!

 Beautiful, aren't they?


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