Friday, September 28, 2012

New and Improved Potty Trainers

 I know I've talked about my little man a bit. 

Today I want to talk about:


Well, he is not ready to be honest, but I AM!

 I am so ready to be out of this diaper changing stage! I just made him some new and improved training pants made from Gerber's store bought ones so we are prepared. I know that I saw this on another blog but I'll be darned if I can't remember where. I'm 99% sure it was for a little girl though. As you know boys and girls need different...coverage. 

First the Supplies:

One gerber trainer
One FQ Flannel or other absorbent material
The Basics-Thread, scissors, sewing machine/serger

Check out the template for the flannel / PUL layers


I hope my link works! It's my first time haha

**When you print this out just make sure to match it up with your trainer to make sure it printed the right size. This was made to fit a 3T Trainer for a BOY, if you have a girl just fold down the side of the pattern marked "front" 1 1/2 inches.

Step One:

Fold over the flannel wide enough for the printed template and cut out.  I use three layers but I'll leave that up to you!
Yea that's right, living on the edge. No pins when I'm cutting my pattern peices.

 Repeat with one layer of PUL.

So now you should have this.

Step Two:

Pin all your layers together.
 Serge or zig zag the edges of all your layers together. 

Step Three:


Pin in place.
Now just a warning the trainer are rarely perfect. One side never seems to match the other when I know my pattern is even so just do your best here.

See? Same template different trainer. 

Only one out of three trainers actually was "right."

...or is the word "square"??



Step Four:


Stitch the flannel/PUL layers to the trainer within the serged edge.

And then you have:













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