Sunday, January 13, 2013

Another finish!

I've finished a quilt that I have been dragging my feet on. I always seem to do this. I love to start the quilt tops but hate the actual quilting process.

This one is a present so I can not show the whole thing but here is some snippets!

I decided to go out on a limb here and use a wide double needle for the quilting. It worked just okay. 

This is a picture of the front in the left lower hand and my hand made bias tape. On the top right hand is what the quilt looks like on the back using a double needle. I kinda like the zigzag look there.

For a tutorial on how to make bias tape go HERE.

As much as I drag my feet finishing a quilt I jumped right into another. While my sewing machine cooled down I started using up MY jelly roll to make these.

I used the some of the fabrics that are in my GIVEAWAY . It is only going on for ONE more day and if you were looking for some inspiration....go and enter:) Low entries here so you have a good shot at winning!

I used this VIDEO posted by MissouriQuiltCo. This was made by 3 Dudes Quilting originally though I believe. The only thing that I did differently was that I only used 3 strips vs. their 4.

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  1. Your pattern is SO cute! Makes me wish I knew how to sew so I could make a cute quilt....would like to learn to sew over the next year!