Sunday, January 27, 2013

Cutting it up

It has been another long week here at the MadebyMomma house. 

I have gotten both the boy and girl versions of the Salt Water Taffy quilts cut out. 

I am using the Oh Deer! by MoMo
 for Moda line. 

I just had to have this fabric and I got it at a good price so it was meant to be:)

No need to adjust your monitors; the boy version has ivory accent and the girl's is white!

This particular pattern takes one pattern jelly roll and one accent color jelly roll as well as one charm pack. 

I am working on a post/review of the Simplicity bias tape machine. The big man got it for me for Christmas and I'm using it to make the bias tape for the The blue-green sea quilt.

On top of that the little man was sick this week. Throwing up Tuesday and Thursday. Big man took him to the pediatricians on Thursday and he has a double ear infection and according to big man the biggest tonsils on a child his age the pedi has seen...

So he is on antibiotics again and I'll be taking him back in 3 weeks for a recheck. Unfortunately, his tonsils have been this size since the beginning of the month, we already did one course of abx for this. He might be heading for a tonsillectomy but we'll see!

An unrelated question : 

At what age would you let your child go on a vacation/cruise with out you?


  1. I love that fabric. Those are going to be very pretty quilts. So sorry that your little boy has been sick, I hope he feels better soon.

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  2. It will be exciting to see the finished products. I hope your little one gets better quickly.

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